Surgical Abortion Services

Affordable abortion options and financial help are available for your unwanted pregnancy.

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Surgical Abortion Services

For more than 20 years we've been helping 100s of women just like you.

Affordable Abortion Services

Affordable abortion options and financial help are available for your unwanted pregnancy. The cost of an abortion is of concern to most patients. Because we are strong advocates for a woman’s right to plan her family, we keep the cost of the abortion pill the cost of a medical abortion and the cost of a surgical abortion as cheap as possible.

If you are of low income or have other financial issues, we can assist you with obtaining financial aid right in our office on your first appointment. You will be asked some questions as to your family size and income and will need a good phone number to contact you if necessary.

The financial aid is available for both the surgical abortion and the medical abortion, or abortion by pill. Your first appointment for the informed consent is free. If you choose to have an ultrasound that day there will be a small fee that will be applied to your final abortion cost.

Weren't Planning To Start A Family?

We provide surgical abortion and abortion by the pill, and depending on how far advanced your pregnancy is, either can be a safe option that allows you to go back to your regular activities in just a couple of days.

For early options in abortion care, you can get a non-surgical abortion or you can get the abortion pill or you can get the medical abortion if you are under 10weeks pregnant. The abortion pill will be administered in the office by the abortion doctor. You will have private one on one time with your abortion doctor. You will have plenty of time to ask questions. You can get a surgical abortion up to 17 weeks in our facility.

The doctor will provide you with the informed consent (required in Arizona) at least 24 hours before you get an abortion. The decision to terminate your pregnancy by medical or surgical abortion is yours. No one will help you decide. No one will ever pressure you into a decision.

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Personalized Care For Your Situation.

We provide a friendly environment for women who have decided to get an abortion in Arizona. You will be given the best option for how far advanced your pregnancy is, treated with care by our compassionate staff and abortion services are performed at our state-of-the-art licensed facility. Our stand alone building offers the privacy of not having to navigate through groups of patrons of other businesses or offices in the same facility.

Pregnancy Tests & Ultrasounds

A urine test is offered free of charge to anyone who is late for her period. Patients interested in having an abortion may have an ultrasound to determine the size of the pregnancy. The ultrasound fee is very affordable and will apply towards the abortion fee.

Providing Safe Options To End Your Pregnancy:

  • Painless procedure by twilight sedation for medically stable patients
  • Performed by a medical doctor using the vacuum aspiration method
  • Patient may go back to normal activities the day after the abortion procedure
  • A follow-up medical check-up will be done 2 to 3 weeks later. Your free abortion informed consent must be at least 24 hours before your actual abortion.
  • Can be used during early pregnancy.
  • The pill causes contractions.
  • The womb expels the pregnancy.
  • Your free abortion pill informed consent must be at least 24 hours before your medical abortion.
  • Specially trained staff will support you through your decision and pregnancy termination.
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